Husaria Records, like many of the independent record labels, was started out of an addiction to elaborate musicianship, passion for music and a strong desire for the survival of analog and physical formats in the digital era. 


          We are an audiophile/record collectors focused label whose main goal is to try to keep the community of music enthusiasts in great condition by putting out high quality vinyl records and compact disc releases from the most unusual artists who are not afraid to express themselves and show their full potential. These artists are at the extreme edges of creativity, musical structures and uncompromising freedom of instrumentation and composing.  

          It all started in the summer of 2013 when Husaria Records finally launched out of necessity to help extraordinary instrumentalists receive better exposure by putting out their sounds exactly the way that they intended it to be. Every stage of product development is fully approved and controlled by the musicians themselves and is consulted with us at Husaria Records in thorough and microscopic detail so that all of us, including analogue connoisseurs, can be pleased with the final result.



          Our intentions are simple: to satisfy the aforementioned musicians, but mainly the fans and collectors with the highest quality products to meet their expectations by offering top services and excellence of the materials used in the manufacturing process guaranteed by our trusted pressing plants.



          Husaria's staff gathered experience by being involved in many different branches of the music industry for the past 15 years. Members are ex-musicians and current managers of bands such as SAMO and Semantik Punk. One of us has also been involved in the activities of the independent record label and concert agency Tone Industria, which has been a home for bands like Kobong, Neuma, Moja Adrenalina and Progrram, just to name a few.




          HR's roster is far from being shackled to one style. We release music from people with creative hunger and ambition to cross the sound barriers. No matter what's in their dossier, as long as we think it deserves more attention, we will be happy to present it to the audience and re-shape the standards.




          Our releases are carefully packaged and dispatched in perfect shape. We are record collectors ourselves, therefore we pay a lot of attention to wrapping up only the mint condition units and making sure they leave our headquarters safely to be able to withstand transit conditions.





          We also provide distribution from catalogs of artists and labels that we have been collaborating and working with for a long time and are doing our best to spread the sounds to as many music maniacs as possible.



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