I. Where is Husaria Records located?

Latitude: 40° 53' 52.8678"           Longitude: -74° 33' 4.572"

(Rockaway ● New Jersey ● USA)


II. Do you accept demo submissions?


Email your links to demos@husariarecords.com 

Please, do not email any audio files or send physical copies, ONLY links will be opened and listened to (preferably from sites such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube).

Every submission gets a chance. There is no reason to send follow ups with questions; if we like what you do, we will definitely contact you.


III. What is your exchange and return policy?

We don’t accept exchanges and returns.

All sales are final.

Our products leave the headquarters in mint condition. We are not responsible for transit and carriers’ handling of shipments.

We are doing our best and pack our items very carefully to provide as much protection as possible.

Although if your order looks like it was treated with a blowtorch or used as a target for snipers, then email us at orders@husariarecords.com and we will try to help you out.


IV. How fast will my order be shipped and how long will it take to be delivered?

We pack and ship our orders as soon as possible after receiving the order. We don’t want anybody to wait, but please keep in mind that we often have a pile of other orders before we can get to yours, so available products will ship within 48 hrs.

Pre-orders will start shipping on the date of the product’s arrival or otherwise provided next to the product’s name.


V. Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

We do ship our items to any place on the planet.

Please expect your orders between 1 - 6 weeks, depending on your location.


VI. Can I use PayPal on your web store?

We do not accept PayPal payments. 

Our STRIPE store is as reliable and safe as any other and you can make payments with all major credit and debit cards.


VII. If I have a label/band, how do I get my records/CDs carried in your web store?

At the moment we do not accept any offers.


VIII. I own/work for a record shop and would like to carry some of your products. Who do I contact?

All the record shops and stores can send their inquiries to tom@husariarecords.com