● TITLE: Sol Niger Within                                                                                                                                           FIRST TIME ON VINYL

● RELEASE DATE: September 30th, 2016                                                                                                                       

● FORMAT: 2x12" LP



1st vinyl pressing

200-gram+ discs pressed on a virgin black vinyl,

✓ 350gsm heavyweight triple gatefold three-pocket  jacket with black inner flood printing on the inside,

✓ edition of 1000two variants: 500 units "Scott Hull cut" and 500 units "DMM cut”

✓ cut at 45RPM for best fidelity,

✓ black poly lined inner sleeves,

✓ mastering by Scott Hull at Masterdisk - 500 copies from lacquers cut by Scott Hull at Masterdisk with high-end matte finish triple-gatefold jackets; 500 copies Direct Metal Mastering cut at GZ Media with gloss finish triple-gatefold jackets,


✓ insert with technical essay by Scott Hull,

✓ insert with speculative essay by Octarine Communications West/R Joseph Lee/Rod Smith.

● PRESSING INFO: 1000 units (+25 test pressings)

∴ 5 DMM-variant test pressings (REJECTED)

∴ 15 lacquer-variant test pressings 

∴ 5 DMM-variant test pressings (REPRESSED)


○ Produced by Fredrik Thordendal.

○ Mastering by Peter In De Betou at Cuttingroom.

○ Mixed by Fredrik Thordendal with assistance of Mattias Eklund at Area 51.

○ Recording engineer Fredrik Thordendal.

○ Drums recorded at Jimmy's garage at Umeå, Sweden.

○ Additional recording at Are 51, Garageland and Umeå Stads Kyrka at Umeå, Sweden.

○ Music by Fredrik Thordendal.

○ Sonic execution and psychotomimetic soundscapes by Fredrik Thordendal.

○ Lyrics by Petter Marklund.

○ Psychedelic introspection, quotations and guidance by Petter Marklund

○ Computer graphics by Stefan "MacMan" Gillbald

○ Morphogenetic illustrations and art direction by Nina Bergman.

○ Pre-mastering and mastering for the vinyl edition by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, NYC.

○ LP layouts by Seldon Hunt.

○ Musicians:

- Fredrik Thordendal: guitars, vocals, bass and synthesizers

- Morgan Ågren: drums

- Mats Öberg: church organ and synthesizer Ψ

- Jonas Knutsson: saxophone

- Jerry Ericsson: bass ζ

- Kantor Magnus Larsson: church organ ≈

- Victor Alneng: yidaki

- Markus Persson: primal screams

- Tomas Haake: psychonaut's voice

- Jennie Thordendal: gallskrik



Index    Antanca - The End (The Uncompounded Reality)

1.                The Beginning Of The End Of Extraction (Evolutional Slow Down)

2. Ψ           The Executive Furies Of The Robot Lord Of Death

3.                Descent Into The Netherworld

4.                ...Och Stjärnans Namn Var Malört

5.                Dante's Wild Inferno

6.                I, Galactus

7.                 Skeletonization

8.                Sickness And Demoniacal Dreaming

9.                UFOria

10. ζ           Z1- Reticuli


11.                Transmigration Of Souls

12.                In Reality All Is Void

13.                Krapp's Last Tape

14.             Through Fear We Are Unconscious

15.                Death At Both Ends

16.                Bouncing In The Bottomless Pit

17.                The Sun Door

18.                Painful Disruption

19.                Vitamin K Experience (A Homage To The Scientist/John Lilly)

20. Ψ      Cosmic Vagina Dentata Organ


21.                 Sensorium dei

22. ≈             Magickal Theatre .33.

23. ∝ ζ          Z2- Reticuli

24.                 De Profundis

25.                 Existence out Of Joint

26.                 On A Crater's verge

27. ∝              Solarization

28. ∝              The End Of The Beginning Of Contraction (Involutional Speed Up/Preparation for the Big Crunch)


29.                Tathagata