SAMO is a Polish band that broke all the rules of musical expression. It's currently a one man project that started as a complete band and recorded its debut album S1 in full line up, before difficulties and the harsh reality of playing in a group hit hard for the founder, Robert Gasperowicz. His creative desire and hunger for exposing the truth behind the uncompromising musical language could not be fulfilled. Now on his own, he can fulfill what he always wanted to do. This characterizes Robert the best: his drive and impatience, which in this case leads to SAMO's one of a kind sound.



          Taking all the responsibilities of composing, recording, producing and designing the artwork into his own hands was a radical move, but with help of couple of people, including a member of Husaria Records, he put out one LP and two EPs under the SAMO banner.


          SAMO's sound can compare to no other musical project. Although it came from the forward thinking approach to heavy music like Meshuggah, SAMO's branch of polyrhythmic structures represents a separate mutation of new forms and ways of building song moods.


          Plex Zero  EP, came out in 2008 on Tone Industria. It was the band's first official release and it proudly demolished the world of music, introducing the audience to the new chapter in history of alternative instrumentation and rhythm combinations. Robert played all the instruments, recorded and produced the material himself and was only joined by the original singer, Piotr Wasyluk, to combine a friend's voice with his diverse technical visions.


          An Alternative Existence EP was a leap to a different dimension and another level of SAMO's personal evolution. It brought a new singer on board, Stanislaw Wolonciej, known for his solo work at Egoist. Also, the writer/poet Tomasz Smaga (the band's manager) contributed to the record with his lyrics for this concept record. Stan abandoned the rough voices that usually come with this type of music and sang clean through the whole EP. By sprinkling the compositions with melodies contrasting with the instruments, the contradictions of both disappear.


          Enjoy the new reality.