Moja Adrenalina


          Before the boys from  Semantik Punk went to Ross Robinson's L.A. home studio to register under his supervision their spectacular debut abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz, they had already been responsible for one other recording that seven years earlier shook the ground with its remarkably fresh ideas and the rejection of all that a listener could expect from post-hard core/punk band at the time - it was Moja Adrenalina's stereo signal-warping nietoleruje-bije.

          Like some of their predecessors from fellow bands Kinsky, Neuma or Kobong, they instinctively refused to play predictable music and instead became new advocates of elaborate noise and continued a strong Polish tradition of unusual sound-wave art.


          Originally released on Tone Industria in 2004, this short album transmits a combination of intelligent energy mixed with youthful agony holding tight and fighting against reproduction, re-creation and replication of concepts in music. Band members with their precise, naturally ingrown musical sensors detected new channels of formulating songs and found what else was left that had not been used by others yet, and used it wisely.

          Moja Adrenalina is no more. They didn't throw the towel in. They simply went through a complicated metamorphosis, and after that transformation was realized, they were not the same band and definitely not the same musicians. It took seven long and turbulent years before new songs were completed and ready to be released under the band's new name - Semantik Punk. Although similarities are there, SP is a totally new enterprise and a whole new invention.


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