Semantik Punk's new millennium punk presents ridiculously unusual musicianship and uncommon composing skills. No doubt about that. The quartet from Warsaw has punk attitude, but the music on their abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz long play is far from what punk is by definition. It's a more concentrated and condensed cacophony of existential spits encased with a strong desire for delivering a reversed ambient soundtrack to life, and a (r)evolution that turned the standards of artistic expression upside down.

          The content on the group’s debut album is raging with love, sewn in into the stillness of chaos surrounding the lately stagnant art of music. Their compositions are sort of sound wave-literature, strongly rooted in Polish culture. This is what Dorota Masłowska would sound like if she was a musician and not a writer. A definite influence on both Dorota and the band, or rather a legacy that they inherited from their predecessors, is of another Polish litterateur - Witold Gombrowicz, who in a way is splattered all over these compositions - not only linguistically, but also emotionally and philosophically. The album seems to be a prolongation of artistic capabilities that Witold was once welding with his works. 

Wow! Haven’t heard anything sounding even close to this before! These guys are totally unique! Love the whole album! I don’t know what to say...incredible is probably a good word...
— Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah)

          On the album, literature merges with instruments. Songs become a hybridized source of semiotic viewpoints, a tools powered and converted by musicians and sculpted in the form of a new musical shape. The band's approach to the Polish language took them further into creative space, which until now was a 'void', as the band members called the emptiness they filled in with a new dialect and tonal intensity, they stated that they constructed something out of nothing and nothing out of something.

          Like Gombrowicz in his searching for explanations and understanding of things fell under the weight of the 'unknown', Semantik Punk drowned in cascades of sounds that exploded out of boredom that haunted them for years. The artists ironically became instruments of their own self-beings, and made history by breaking the sound barriers the industry built over the decade, only to later translate this confusion into the songs. This molded their personalities and mindsets into now trying to figure out: what is this thing that they have just made? What is this swollen caricature of themselves? 

          And the answer to this is simply - nothing. And as knotty as it already is, that nothing is also everything, because the simplicity of it all is at the same time very complex and extremely hard to define. Existence is questionable, therefore, we have not written anything here and you have not read all the above.


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Piotr Leniewicz - bass

Adam Adamaczyk - vocals

Rafał Modliński - guitar

Karol Ludew - drums


Semantik Punk - formerly known as Moja Adrenalina.