Husaria Records' new website update and roster announcement

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new website. We hope you will find it nice and easy to navigate. We wanted the site to have a clean design, so no blinking banners or distracting and flashing, opening and closing windows of any type. And just to let you know, the site will have a different look on different devices, so the order of the elements might change. For your convenience, the PC version of the website is also fully compatible with tablets and smart phones. Enjoy.

Until our first releases are up for pre-order and ready to broadcast disturbing frequencies through the air, we will open the web store sometime soon and start our offer with 'distributed titles'. While working for years with many artists and labels (some of them now defunct) we gathered a certain amount of units in our stock and took over the responsibility of spreading the word. We will be honored to provide these titles to the audience, which otherwise could have been lost or forgotten. 

It's been a while since Husaria Records was launched. What a wild and turbulent time it was. The fun is still ahead of us, but we decided to finally make the website public. We want to keep you posted with the updates, so you can stay current on what is going on in our office and how things are getting done, and also provide you with the latest news about the bands we support. We will always try to give you as much information as possible, so you can become part of the process and have an insight in how we work and which stage we are on regarding product development. And yes, by 'product' we mean any physical formats: records, compact discs, etc.

We do not exploit the artists, we do not own the rights to their music and will never hold anyone longer than they want to be with us; we simply are trying to help to get their music to the surface and share it. Therefore we are here for the artists and you - fans and music enthusiasts. As long as we stay afloat and deliver the goods, we will be proud to collaborate on countless projects and happy by making it happen for all of us. The way we see it is that all of you expect it to be done on a professional level with the highest quality materials used in the manufacturing process (i.e. artwork and its paper stock, premium grade virgin vinyl compound and so on...), which will guarantee the enjoyment of the time spent with the sound and the visual packaging. We will do our best to deliver. By the way, we will not have MP3 files in our web store. We are here to bring you touchable items in all physical formats, the one that will serve you for as long as you want it to. So dust off your old stereos, get those vinyl record players out of the boxes in your grandparents' attics and get ready to bring back the real sound.

We are currently preparing a few of our upcoming releases and working with all the bands simultaneously to achieve the best results possible with their album's artwork designs, choosing which engineers we would like to work with on each of the record's masters and remasters, and setting up the details with the pressing plant. 

So far in our roster are the bands Semantik Punk, SAMO and Moja Adrenalina. These are some of the most important avant-garde artists on a Polish scene and are worth all of the time that we can spend to introduce them to you and give them greater exposure in new markets. You can hear some tracks and read their mini profiles here.

Our first releases are probably going to be available in the beginning of 2014 and we will be shipping worldwide. Stay tuned for more news. You can also follow us on our Facebook page. 


Join the forces.