On April 1st 2014, we were extremely lucky to be a part of a very special event that took place locally at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey. Only a few chosen guests were able to attend the live performance by The Dillinger Escape Plan - yes, the Dillinger played on April Fools' Day for roughly fifty maniacs squeezed into one recording room. The band played a full set of total classics including one new, outstanding song (according to Ben, it was only the second time the band performed it together). 
This private/secret show wouldn't be possible if not for the good will of Kevin Antreassian - the owner and producer at the Backroom Studios

Kevin's friendship with Dillinger goes way back: his awesome band, Knife The Glitter, toured as a support with the DEP years ago; Kevin has also been a guitar tech for Benjamin Weinman on one of the Dillinger's tours. 

This very intimate show took place a few days before DEP's official U.S. tour kicks off and it was a nice warm up for the band and a great pleasure for us to see them going wild right in front of us. From what Greg Puciato was saying, the last time they played in that room was thirteen years ago. Back then, Dillinger was in a totally different place than they are today. But the band still, despite their success, treated the small crowd with the full power of their legendary stage presence. And of course Ben performed his dangerous stunts with his guitar and Greg was a beast as usual.

Ben doing what he does best.

Ben doing what he does best.

It was a really fantastic experience and we feel very special and grateful to Kevin for remembering to invite us.

Thank You, Kevin!