As most of you already know, quality issues compelled us to reject the first batch of DMM test pressings. While the problems (mostly noise-related) were minor, the pressings in no way met the standards Husaria holds itself to. Hence, we had no choice but to reject them, suggest that the plant check some of its equipment, and request a new set of test pressings. Unfortunately, this delay pushes our release date past the end of July. Toaccommodate this delay (and any others likely to crop up in the manufacturing process), our new release date is SEPTEMBER 30th. Mark your calendars. 

We sincerely apologize for this delay, and thank you for joining us in this grand experiment. No label before us has ever undertaken two variant pressings of the same release, let alone two manufactured on different sides of the world. We’ll gladly take full responsibility for our fuckups AND everybody else’s (including deities and machines) to bring you the sonically superior product we want and you deserve. You have our word that if the finished product arrives before September 30, you’ll get it immediately. 

To make all this up to you, we’ve been quietly preparing another surprise--to be revealed in a few weeks. The project is at its last stages and will be a very nice addition to the upcoming physical release. 

Thank you for understanding. Your patience will be rewarded. And thanks, as always, for the support!