Husaria Records' First Video Production Project

The summer of 2016 saw an idea hatched by Slashing Death co-founder Robert Gasperowicz (E X P L O Film) and myself (under the auspices of Husaria Records) grow into a serious project with an outcome we never could have predicted--a brand-new video and single by SLASHING DEATH. The first new manifestation of the Polish grind/hardcore/punk legends since their 1992 breakup, “Seek Sense” offers a revealing aural picture of the Polish punk and metal mindset just after the fall of the Soviet Union, when the (then) trio shared stages and ideas with the likes of Samael, Pungent Stench, Sinister, and Vader (who later covered SD’s “No Return” with Robert on guest vocals). 

For years, Rob (a dear friend mostly known for his sonic acrobatics at the SAMO camp) has been a one-man army--a completely self-sufficient artistic powerhouse. With a little help (mostly financial) from myself and Husaria, along with the involvement of artists, actors, and tech people too numerous to credit in a brief announcement, he has single-handedly crafted this small masterpiece--Husaria Records’ first step in the direction of becoming more than just an audio-focused entity.