Your project sounds very interesting. Very—very few records have been made as lacquer and DMM—and I can’t think of one that was made available to the public as a choice. This is very provocative idea.
— mastering engineer SCOTT HULL

We've hinted that the vinyl edition of Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects' Sol Niger Within might harbor one or more surprises. After finally getting approval from Fredrik and mastering engineer Scott Hull, we can now announce them. Husaria will be pressing two variants--500 copies from plates made from lacquer discs cut by Mr. Hull at Masterdisk, and 500 from copper discs cut with Direct Metal Mastering. While both versions come from the same original audio, each will offer listeners enough in the way of nuanced differences to make it unique. To the best of our knowledge, this release marks the first time in history that a label has given people the option of choosing between two pressing techniques. You're welcome.

Just to sweeten the deal (and help drive completists into a spending frenzy), each variant will have slightly different artwork--to the extent that everything except the front and back covers--eight pieces of art counting gatefold and inserts (mostly handpicked by Fredrik himself)--will be switched around in complementary ways. Both versions will also include two essays--one by Scott Hull discussing the technical aspects of the vinyl edition, and one by Octarine Communications West (aka R Joseph Lee/Rod Smith) exploring some of the release's musical and metaphysical aspects. 

The pre-orders will be announced very soon!!!!


Full specs:

- catalog number HR33

- edition of 1000--two variants: 500 units "Scott Hull cut" and 500 units "DMM cut”

- 200-220 gram discs pressed on the audiophile quality virgin black vinyl compound

- triple gatefold three-pocket jackets (with blood inner black print) 

- cut at 45 RPM for best fidelity, 

- black poly lined inner sleeves,

- mastering by Scott Hull at Masterdisk--500 copies from lacquers cut by Scott Hull at Masterdisk with high-end matte finish triple-gatefold jackets; 500 copies Direct Metal Mastering cut at GZ Media with gloss finish triple-gatefold jackets

- layouts by Seldon Hunt

- technical essay by Scott Hull

- speculative essay by Octarine Communications West/R Joseph Lee/Rod Smith