Ross Robinson, Steve Evetts and Alan Douches * don’t require a bigger introduction to the music fans who follow the heavy music and the steps these gentlemen are taking in the industry of sound recording and engineering. Their impact is huge and their dossiers are vast. 

So, what do these gentlemen have in common, you ask? The one album that they all worked on: Semantik Punk’s abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz. The album's nine tracks were recorded in 2012 at Ross Robinson’s home studio in Los Angeles. Ross produced the album. He didn’t just register the sounds, he managed to push Semantik Punk’s band members to another level of performance in the studio and the essence of their interactions with each other is one of a kind sound-work.

Steve Evetts assisted during the recording process and also mixed the album. Another veteran and ‘main man’ at West West Side Music studios, sound engineer Alan Douches, with the help of Mike Piacentini, took care of the mastering for CD edition (released only in Poland).

Now the material is back at West West Side Music studios for a new master - this time for the black wax edition of abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz



Husaria Records will be presenting the album on high quality audiophile double vinyl. There will be only 250 copies made in total. No repress in the same form is planned. 

For more specifications on this release, please check back soon. We will also have a pre-sale and the album will be available for pre-order before it is actually out officially.


Be prepared.



* For those who missed out on the past two decades of music, this is a little insight into the works of Ross, Steve and Alan:

Ross Robinson produced some of the most important albums of bands such as Korn, The Cure, Sepultura, Glassjaw, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Soulfly, At The Drive-In, Amen, Norma Jean and Slipknot, just to name a few.

Steve Evetts’ list is just as long. He produced and/or mixed albums of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Incantation, Deadguy, Lifetime, Snapcase, M.O.D., Symphony X, Turmoil, All Out War, Sick Of It All, Earth Crisis and The Number Twelve Looks Like You.

Alan Douches mastered albums for artists like Converge (including the monumental Jane Doe), Starkweather, Ulcerate, Cannibal Corpse, Burnt By The Sun, Murphy’s Law, Death, Misfits, Eyehategod, Fleetwood Mac, Suicide Note, Joshua, Mastodon, Madball, Origin, Soilent Green, The Red Chord, Agnostic Front, Between The Buried And Me, Young Widows, Suffocation, Kayo Dot, Cursed, Car Bomb, Dälek, Nile, Kurt Vile, Zao and The Secret. 



Morgan Ågren is one of the most respected drummers on the planet.  He works with such celebrities of the music world like keyboardist Mats Öberg (his long time friend and bandmate with whom he collaborated with Frank Zappa) and monumental guitarists like Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah and Devin Townsend (ex-Strapping Young Lad). 

Morgan has a new DVD out, a documentary called "Morgan Ågren's Conundrum (A Percussive Misadventure)". A blu-ray edition with extra content will be coming out soon.

You can purchase the DVD here.


With the capacity of a holographic optical disc, we would never have to take it out of the player. According to ExtremeTech, it could hold our entire collections (and more) on a single disc and we do not mean MP3s, but the highest quality audio.

For all the geeks and nerds like ourselves, here is an original research paper to read.

Some might find the holographic optical disc very useful and convenient, but for majority of us the super-sensitive and stubborn audiophiles will simply not do the job. We would not want to miss the whole fun and joy of flipping and changing discs or not being able to hold record’s artwork and admire its contents.

The new medium definitely seems to be cool and is worth following to see how it will develop and progress...or disappear. So as old school sound lovers we are opposed to yet another invention that may endanger our favorite formats in their classic forms. On the other side, we pay our respect to the scientists and we are in awe for their huge discovery.


But the fight is still on.

SEMANTIK PUNK IN BUENOS AIRES (in the footsteps of Witold Gombrowicz)

Semantik Punk is visiting Argentina. On October 18th, 19th and 20th the band’s live music will be a part of the three separate performances with actors of Modjeska Theatre from Legnica, Poland. 

“III Furies” is curated by Festivales de Buenos Aires and all the performances will be held at the Teatro San Martin.

Some of you may be familiar with this, but for those of you who do not know, Buenos Aires was for a very long time a home to Polish writer, Witold Gombrowicz, whose life and writings in a way had influence on Semantik Punk. Now they have a chance to follow in his footsteps and visit places he mentioned in his prominent work, “Diaries”.

The October 19th event is already SOLD OUT, but tickets for the two other spectacles are still available here.

More details on Husaria's future releases and their specifications.

Among many new albums that we plan to release on Husaria Records, there will be also a series of extremely limited reissue editions of underground classics, where most of the titles will see their first time vinyl record pressings. Some of the artists come from Tone Industria's legendary roster, like Kobong, Neuma, SAMO and Moja Adrenalina, and we will be presenting the label's catalog in a specially remastered LP and CD versions respectively.

Tone Industria_489b.jpg.gif

All the editions are going to be a one time only press and they'll never come back or be repressed in the same form ever again. 

We plan to use only black, premium grade virgin vinyl for all of our releases and manufacture them on heavy, minimum 180 gram discs. The black compound guarantees the best quality of reproduced sound. We like all those colored records that come with splatters and glow in the dark, and they look really nice, true, but at the end it is all about the sound and it will stay our main focus.

Pre-orders are going to be announced ahead of the actual shipping dates, so you can reserve your copies before they are gone for good. 


Prepare for the battle. 

The home stereo system lives on.

CNN recently reported that the art of listening to the music as we know it is almost extinct. The writer stated that people's preferences have changed over the last decade and most of them do not want to have much to do with sturdy sound systems and miles of cables dragging out of the audio sets anymore. Also, the sound quality is not that much different from what we can get out of an iPod and connected to tiny speakers.

As much as we see this happening and believe in what the industry's sales numbers are showing, we still do not agree with the opinion of the majority and the horrible idea of replacing the good old, heavy duty components that do their job with some incompetent laptop speakers or earplug headphones. We are here to revive the stereo experience and to hold off the incoming audio poorness of digital files and portable devices as a major source of the listening experience. Don't get us wrong: we also use some of those devices in certain situations. Obviously we would not want to take a few pounds worth of our favorite collectible and/or rare discs on the road. The point is that we strongly oppose to adjusting to the progress or evolution of 'sound consumption'.

Some might call it a suicide, and that we, as a business that serves the artists and the listeners, are actually cutting our own throats by standing up against the digital era movement. Well, so be it. But before this hi-fi universe collapses for good and with our intentions and hopes of keeping the music sounding as it actually should (or as close to what it was intended to sound like), we will not change our position and we will keep on fighting the statistics with our stubborn, oversized speakers, shelf-bending home stereo system components and most of all - through releasing LPs and CDs (and by that, adding more crucial discs to your already ridiculously vast collections).


The challenge is up. Bring it on. 

Husaria Records' new website update and roster announcement

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new website. We hope you will find it nice and easy to navigate. We wanted the site to have a clean design, so no blinking banners or distracting and flashing, opening and closing windows of any type. And just to let you know, the site will have a different look on different devices, so the order of the elements might change. For your convenience, the PC version of the website is also fully compatible with tablets and smart phones. Enjoy.

Until our first releases are up for pre-order and ready to broadcast disturbing frequencies through the air, we will open the web store sometime soon and start our offer with 'distributed titles'. While working for years with many artists and labels (some of them now defunct) we gathered a certain amount of units in our stock and took over the responsibility of spreading the word. We will be honored to provide these titles to the audience, which otherwise could have been lost or forgotten. 

It's been a while since Husaria Records was launched. What a wild and turbulent time it was. The fun is still ahead of us, but we decided to finally make the website public. We want to keep you posted with the updates, so you can stay current on what is going on in our office and how things are getting done, and also provide you with the latest news about the bands we support. We will always try to give you as much information as possible, so you can become part of the process and have an insight in how we work and which stage we are on regarding product development. And yes, by 'product' we mean any physical formats: records, compact discs, etc.

We do not exploit the artists, we do not own the rights to their music and will never hold anyone longer than they want to be with us; we simply are trying to help to get their music to the surface and share it. Therefore we are here for the artists and you - fans and music enthusiasts. As long as we stay afloat and deliver the goods, we will be proud to collaborate on countless projects and happy by making it happen for all of us. The way we see it is that all of you expect it to be done on a professional level with the highest quality materials used in the manufacturing process (i.e. artwork and its paper stock, premium grade virgin vinyl compound and so on...), which will guarantee the enjoyment of the time spent with the sound and the visual packaging. We will do our best to deliver. By the way, we will not have MP3 files in our web store. We are here to bring you touchable items in all physical formats, the one that will serve you for as long as you want it to. So dust off your old stereos, get those vinyl record players out of the boxes in your grandparents' attics and get ready to bring back the real sound.

We are currently preparing a few of our upcoming releases and working with all the bands simultaneously to achieve the best results possible with their album's artwork designs, choosing which engineers we would like to work with on each of the record's masters and remasters, and setting up the details with the pressing plant. 

So far in our roster are the bands Semantik Punk, SAMO and Moja Adrenalina. These are some of the most important avant-garde artists on a Polish scene and are worth all of the time that we can spend to introduce them to you and give them greater exposure in new markets. You can hear some tracks and read their mini profiles here.

Our first releases are probably going to be available in the beginning of 2014 and we will be shipping worldwide. Stay tuned for more news. You can also follow us on our Facebook page. 


Join the forces.